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The Dual Diploma

An experience of educational internationalization and school innovation

By Juan M. Comas

The Dual Diploma® is the official program of international recognition of high school diplomas created and developed by Academica Corporation, which allows students to obtain 2 simultaneous diplomas: their own country’s diploma (Bachillerato in Spain, Baccalauréat in France, la Escuela Secundaria Superior in Italy…) and the American High School Diploma.

With more than 100,000 students, 5,000 teachers and 200 schools in more than 10 states such as Florida, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Nevada, California… Academica is the leading and largest U.S. educational management institution, based in Miami (Florida), of Charter Schools (100% privately managed public schools of high educational performance). Academica Corporation’s schools go through K16, which means that its students graduate from high school with up to the first two years of college.

As a leader in virtual education, Academica Corporation is one of the few private educational services institutions in the United States with entities with the recognition of American Virtual Public School Provider (public provider of online education), giving service to its own schools, and to all those American public or private schools that request it. Thanks to this, Academica Corporation continuously creates new content and stimulating programs to inspire students in different subjects. At Academica Corporation, online learning is understood as the approach from school to university education.

With the philosophy of accompanying students in their development and preparation inside, but also outside the United States, Academica Corporation starts in 2001 an official program of validation of degrees with different countries that gives origin to the Dual Diploma®. Today, the Dual Diploma® is present in Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Korea, China, among more than 20 countries.

This initiative as well as many others related to education will be present this year at the 7th edition of IMAT. Case Studies and experiences have an important role in the development of the Conference as it facilitates the transmission of knowledge between schools and teachers, in addition, in an entertaining and interesting way.

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