By Maria Guijarro.

Everyone knows the sudden turn we have had in our lives both professionally and personally and the funny thing is that just a few months ago we had, lived and planned in another reality.

It is these things that life gives you and takes away, that make you reflect on how you are living and contributing your grain of sand in the path that we have to walk, and it is during this path where we learn more, make mistakes and evolve. Sometimes we encounter personal and family milestones, and on other occasions, like this one, a global milestone.

What do we do in the face of a situation that no one has ever experienced before that involves everyone and is full of uncertainty and risk?

Whether we like it or not, we are facing our new reality, and. I say ours because it belongs to everyone, to EVERYONE!

More than ever we hear that the union makes the force, we hear complaints, cries, frustration, despair, uneasiness and from among these gray clouds come out and there are voices of hope, encouragement, illusion, union. Heroes come out, simple, humble, willing to contribute just to build a tomorrow.

We are in moments of reflection, of thinking that we must stop doing to give way to what we must do, to demonstrate with facts that we can contribute with small actions to build a solid and firm foundation on which our new society, our new reality, grows.

Thank you to all those who are watching over those of us who are at home, cleaning our streets, businesses, parks… everything we miss.

Thanks to the health care that with their dedication, courage and effort they take care of us until our last breath.

Thanks to the distributors who help us get the products we need, thanks to the police who watch over us, and thanks to an infinite number of professions and trades that we cannot forget and do not fit in these lines…

And I focus on a collective, neither more nor less important, but a link in the chain that forms society, education.


Training in content is a given, in values it is necessary more than ever, but it goes beyond that, we must EDUCATE. We cannot do it only by teachers, professors or lecturers. We need all stakeholders more united than ever: families, companies, universities, schools, institutions, research, associations, innovation, students, EVERYONE!

We have a great challenge, as authors such as Fonatinini et al.(2020) said in one of their talks, it is time to think about a RESTART program.

We must first change ourselves and convince of the change, let’s change as people, let’s change as business, let’s change as society.

As Benedetti said, “Uncertainty is a daisy whose petals never stop growing” and that is our new reality. Let’s work so that our present and future generations know how to work and live with these daisies.

Every year we have loved to meet and talk about past, present and future education, reflecting and outlining projects to take from our portfolios to the classrooms or centers, is IMAT.

This year, it is special, IMAT reinvents itself, IMAT RESTART, we want to continue building together in a different way but with more enthusiasm than ever.

We present you with actions that are here to stay and we will be happy to form new ones together and start with Face to Face.

From Wednesday April 22 we have the pleasure to hear two people “Face to face” two experiences of two universities in two different countries and we will continue every Wednesday, we will meet with realities, problems, solutions, reflections, trends.

Join us and be part of the change!

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