IMAT 2022

Pre-congress June 30

Congress on July 4 and 5
International online event
On site at ESIC Valencia (Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 55 Valencia)

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This edition verses on the development of smart and sustainable organizations able to adapt to new environments and circumstances emerging from crises.

Focusing on educational innovation, IMAT sheds light on the latest trends and tools in education, promoting adjustment to changes amid the new scenarios in education, the economy, society, politics and technology.

This year we come back with more enthusiasm than ever and with a new approach






Teacher at Eddie Bernice Johnson Elementary (EBJ) in Dallas (USA).



Creator of the PISA report and Director of Education and Skills at the OECD.


Is an expert on effective learning, educational entrepreneur, and international best-selling author.



Head of Studies and Physical Education Teacher at CEIP San José de Las Matas (Las Rozas, Madrid).



Doctor in Clinical and Health Psychology, psychotherapist, researcher, lecturer, teacher and published author.


15:00 – 15:10 H.


• Ignacio Soret, PhD

Director of the Corporate Research Unit ESIC Business & Marketing School

• María Guijarro, PhD

Research Director of Campus Comunidad Valenciana ESIC Business & Marketing School and Director of IMAT International Congress 2021


15:10 – 16:50 H.

ESIC Research Groups

Researchers Presenters

• Carla Martinez Climent, PhD Cand.

• Vanessa Roger-Monzó, PhD

• Pedro Mata Garcia, PhD

• Maria Guiomar Liste, PhD

• Belén López, PhD

• Vanessa Roger-Monzó, PhD

• Moderator: Mariano Méndez, PhD

Head Department of Market Research and Quantitative Methods.


• Domingo Ribeiro

Full Professor in Management Universitat de València

• Javier Sánchez

Full Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the Universitat Jaume I Castellón

• María Leticia Santos Vijande

Full Professor at the University of Oviedo

Researchers Presenters

• Rubén Nicolás I Sans, PhD

• José Manuel Ponzoa, PhD

• Arturo Ortigosa Blanch, PhD

• Maria Julia Bordonado, PhD

• Anna Bajo Sanjuan, PhD

• Moderator: Abel Monfort, PhD

ESIC University


• Ana Fernández

Full Professor University of the Basque Country

• Vincent Ernoux

Coordinator of the ENI CBC MED Programme for the Western Mediterranean chez ENI CBC MED Programme (EC Programme)

• Carmen de Pablos

Full Professor in Management Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

16:00 – 21:00 H.

PLS Researchers Workshop

• Joaquín Aldás-Manzano

Full Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia


15:10 – 15:30 H.

Plenary Talk: Creativity and synergies in educational innovation

• Ana Zorío, PhD

Professor at the University of Valenciaa

15:30 – 17:30 H.

Case Methods exposition

• Moderator: Ignacio Soret, PhD (Research Director Corporate Unit ESIC Business & Marketing School) and María Guijarro, PhD (Director of Research at the Valencia Campus of ESIC Business & Marketing School)

16:00 – 19:00 H.

Debate on Stage: “Teachers, mentors… we are now the protagonists”

• Moderator: Javier Pagán, PhD Candidate

Director of the Fundación Educativa Activa-t, Corporate Coach

09:00 – 09:20 H.

Institutional opening

• P. Eduardo Gómez Martín.

Director General de ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Dr. D. Ramón Arilla

Rector ESIC University y Director área Universitaria de ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Dr. D. Raúl Moral

Vicerrector de la UMH.

09:30 – 10:10 H.

Plenary Talk (See video)

• D. Richard Gerver

Management Consultant, Leadership Development and Lecturer

10:10 – 10:40 H.

Plenary Talk: “Creating your own destiny by facing barriers and overcoming fears” (See video)

• Pilar Jericó

Entrepreneur, writer and lecturer

• Jesús Campus

Social Educator

• Juan Carlos Jiménez

Commercial Director PUMA

10:40 – 11:00 H.


Coffee and Posters

11:00 – 11:20 H.

“Don’t miss it” SUBIT (Ver vídeo)


11:20 – 13:00 H.

Stories That Unite Us: Dystopian Realities. What else can happen to us?

• Moderator: Javier Pagán

Director of the Activa-t Educational Foundation, Corporate Coach & Teacher in ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Dª Eva Matamoros Romero

Ntra. Señora de la Salud School, Picassent

• Dº Ignacio Grande Ballesteros

Director of Colegio Diocesano Ntra. Señora de los Desamparados (CAES), Director of Cáritas Diocesana de Valencia and President of Proyecto Hombre Valencia

• Dº Manuel Monasterio

Galician Language and Literature teacher in High School and Coordinator of Debate and Oratory at the SEK Educational Institution

• Dª Eva Huag

Educational Advisor for Curriculum Internationalization & COIL at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Elected member of the EAIE Community of Experts on Internationalization

13:00 – 14:40 H.

Experiences and Case Studies

• Academica, Juan M. Comas: The Dual Diploma, an experience of educational internationalization

• Colegio Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón Vitoria, Itziar Echeandía: Advanced Management Model

• Colegio Hermes, Raúl Abellán y Josep Lemus: Self Organised Environment Learning (SOLE)

• Colegio de Fomento Vilavella, Marta Bodes Aznar: Emotional Education through Programming

• EFA La Malvesía, Federico Llorca, Miguel Guasp y Víctor Sarabia: Upgrading Trainers in Dual Vocational Training (UPT2S)

• IES Tirant Lo Blanc de Gandía, Vicent Mahiques Fornés: Conversion of an innovation project for the recovery of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity into work experience and employability in Europe.

• La Devesa School Elche, Pablo Daniel García Brull: A student profile as evidence of prestige for their future

• La Devesa School Elche, Victoria Isabel Hernández, Paul O’Neil y Arantxa Armero: The art of debating

• Jesuitas Alicante: Are we, as a school, responding to the needs of students in the 21st century?

• Fundación CEPAIM, Susana Henarejos Martínez: Undertake to include

• Colegio Real Santa Isabel la Asunción, Rebeca Jiménez, Esther Rey y Noelia Díaz: The mission of raising awareness

• Centro Renzulli, César Arellano Mediavilla: “Atención educativa al alumnado de alto potencial intelectual: el Schoolwide Enrichment Model de Renzulli y Reis en la práctica”.

• CEIP San Pedro, Felipe Perea: “Gamification in the classroom”

• Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Silvia M. Arribas: “The Escape Room as a tool to awaken scientific vocations”

13:30 – 14:30 H.

Business Workshop = “Step into the Atmosphere: Creating a Transformative Brand”

13:30 – 14:40 H.

Ongoing papers on SDG’s – LabODS Session

• José Fernando Gallego

Lecturer and Researcher in Esic Business and Marketing School


11:00 – 12:30 H.

Editor’s meeting: “The researcher’s most important achievements” (See video)

• Moderator: Abel Monfort, PhD

ESIC University

• Eduardo García Jiménez, PhD

Full Professor University of Sevilla

• María Leticia Santos Vijande, PhD

Full Professor University of Oviedo

• Marinko Skare, PhD

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula – Editor-in-Chief of Economic Research – Economska Istrazivanja.

• Ana Mº Fernández, PhD

Full Professor University of Basque Country

• Javier Sánchez García, PhD

Full Professor Universitat Jaume I – Editor of Sustainability – Special Issue

• Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano, PhD

Full Professor Universitat de València – Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Intellectual Property Management

12:30 – 14:40 H.

Academic presentations

Chair Pau Sendra

• Are food waste awareness initiatives effective at the university? Raúl Pérez López- Carolina Herrando Soria-Elena Fraj Andrés- Laura Lucia Palacios

• Study of the contributions of technological tools to the basic curriculum of primary education. María Botey -Celia Rangel -Oliver Carrero -Julio Alard

• Social entrepreneurship: educating society for an alternative and purposeful professional career development. Margarita Núñez Canal- Jorge Merladet – Ignacio Alvarez de MonP Pan de Soraluce

• Business schools as key stakeholders for sustainability. Fco. Javier Sastre Segovia- María Vaquero Diego- Luis Isasi Sánchez

• Business model theory-based prediction of digital technology use: An empirical assessment. Ricardo Costa Martínez

• Main challenges and opportunities in Higher Education to promote sustainable development goals. The effectiveness of digital teaching methods in times of COVID. Belén López Vázquez

Chair Dra. Mabél Pisá

• Metodología de negocio para la aplicación en entornos universitarios de modelos predictivos de machine learning basados en una taxonomía ética del gemelo digital del alumno. Luis Miguel Garay Gallastegui- Ricardo Reier Forradellas- Hugo Borges de Sousa

• Las certificaciones profesionales de la economía digital en la enseñanza universitaria en ciencias sociales. José Manuel Mas Iglesias- Ramón Arilla Llorente- José Manuel Ponzoa Casado- Andrés Gómez Funes

• La inteligencia artificial desde la percepción de los alumnos y profesores. Revisión bibliográfica. Juan Carlos López Robles – Rubén Rodríguez Elizalde- Tomás Aznar Sánchez

• Redes y juegos sociales como aliadas educativas. Análisis de estas herramientas en el entorno educativo aplicado a la sensibilización ambiental. Asunción Mª Agulló Torres- Francisco José Del Campo Gomis- África Martínez Poveda- Bernat Botella Andrés- Jaume Tormo Monton

• El poder de los rituales en el contexto educativo. Rita Delgado Correcher

• El programa TFGi: trabajos de fin de grado interdisciplinares en la UMH. Enrique Barrajón catalán- María Herranz López- Manuel Quesada Martínez -M. Asunción Martínez Mayoral -Cristina Mora Rodríguez- M Carmen Lillo Navarro

Chair Dra. Josefina Novejarque

• Festival de microrrelatos audiovisuales de psicología (microfest): un proyecto de innovación docente para estudiantes de comunicación audiovisual y periodismo. Raquel Lorente Martínez- Rebeca Bautista Ortuño- Beatriz Bonete López

• La combinación de los mapas mentales y el juego del domino en la educación superior. Jesús García Garcia-Doncel- Ana Ortega Larrea- Paula Suárez Álvarez-Hevía

• ¿Cómo afecta el burnout al personal docente investigador (pdi) universitario? María José Suárez Martel- Lorena Robaina Calderín- Josefa D. Martín Santana

• Los MOOCs como propuesta de homogeneización del nivel académico del alumnado de nuevo ingreso. Trinidad Casasús Estellés -María Isabel López Rodríguez – Félix Ruiz Ponce

• La plataforma socrative como herramienta para fomentar el aprendizaje interactivo en la enseñanza online. Gema Albort Morant- Inmaculada Concepción Masero Moreno

• ¿Volverán los estudiantes chinos a estudiar empresa y negocios en la universidad española?: Cómo enfrentarse a los nuevos retos en la era post covid19. Beatriz Irún Molina- Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez – Diego Monferrer Tirado


11:00 – 12:15 H.

Round Table Discussion: Entrepreneurship with Social and Sustainable Impact

• Moderator: Arturo Ortigosa-Blanch, Phd

Head of Entrepreneurship ESIC Business & Marketing School

• D. Juan Antonio Pedreño

President of the regional cooperatives Ucomur and Ucoerm and of the Spanish Business Confederation of the Social Economy (CEPES). Social Economy Europe

• Dª María Teresa García

General Director of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism

• D. Mauricio O’Brian

Asociación Española Crowdfunding

• D. Iker Markaide

La Pinada

• Esther Pina

CEO Secret Sound y Head of Communications at the Entrepreneurship Office of the University of Murcia

• Margarita Núñez

Dir. Academic Quality & Research in ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Patricia Benavente

Designable, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

• Fernando Casado


12:15 – 14:40 H.

Most Sustainable Startups Award

• Colectual

• Nao Asset Management

• Symula

• Terraversa

• Reflip

• Nuvoly

• Secret Sound

• AdBioPlastic

• Eation

• Nightway

14:40 – 14:50 H.

“Don’t miss it” SUBIT (See video)

14:50 – 16:00 H.



16:00 – 19:00 H.

Hackeate Space Competence: Co-Creative Workshops

• Introduce

María Guijarro, PhD, Director of Research Valencia Campus ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Opening Talk

Belén Grana, Directora Knowledge Development – ESIC Innovation Institute

• Human Spaces

José Picó (Consultant, mentor and trainer in creative methodologies (SPRINT & DESIGN THINKING) and business innovation tools (LEAN STARTUP))

• Management Skills

Jaime Úbeda (Principal of Colegio San Patricio El Soto)

• Digitalisation

David Vivancos (Keynote Speaker, Author, Artificial Intelligence Advisor / NED: Non-Executive Director / Deep Learning Algortihmist / Brain Explorer at MindBigData)

• Student Experience

Javier Gallardo (Director of Customer Success and Customer Experience SAGE)

• Healthy environments

Ester Azzola (CEO at Beroot & Food ecosystem consultant) and Juan Ignacio Galardi (Advertising graduate, strategist and independent creative)

• Communication

Mamen Delgado (Broadcaster and Event Presenter)

• Closing

Eva Teba, teacher, researcher and founding partner of Educando


16:00 – 17:00 H.

Training and Pitch Competition

17:30 – 20:30 H.

Pitches Contest

16:00 – 17:30 H.

Round Table: “Transforming Society: Educating in SDG’s” (See video)

• Opening Talk: Elena Fernández

Vice Director International Relations, CSR and Sustainability at Correos

• Moderator: Klaus Ulrich, PhD Cand.

Researcher and professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Joaquín Longinos Marín Rives. PhD

Vice Rector for Social Responsibility and Transparency

• José Ramón Sánchez Moro

Co-founder of the FEE (Banderas Azules, Ecoescuelas, Greencampus y Jóvenes Reporteros por el Medioambiente)

María Jesús Muñoz, PhD

Professor at the Jaume I University of Castellón

• Anna Bajo, PhD

Sustainability Director ESIC Busniess & Marketing School

• María Andrés Marín

Director of the European Parliament Office in Spain

• Francisco Alós

CSR Director Caixa Popular

17:30 – 18:00 H.


18:00 – 18:20 H.

Presentation of the Valencian Community SDG Laboratory

18:20 – 19:20 H.

Focus Group Large Companies of the Valencian Community

• Moderator: Belén Macías

Director of the Professional Development Unit ESIC Valencia

• Begoña García


• José Vicente

Vicky Foods

19:20 – 20:00 H.

Questions from the invited companies

16:00 – 18:00 H.


Academic presentations

Chair Dr. José Fernando López

• Organizational learning: action-research model for leadership development. Ángel Losada Vázquez

• Educando en ods para conseguir un derecho más justo. Pilar Conde Colmenero- Laura García Catalá- Erika Schwartz

• Supervivencia de las startups al convertirse en organizaciones exponenciales. Ángela Díaz Noel- Iván Vivanco Aquino

• Estudio comparativo de hábitos de consumo en hogares mexicanos en épocas de cambio gubernamental y crisis. Juan Carlos Martínez Nava- Irene Resendiz Muñoz Cano- Ignacio Alejandro Mendoza Martínez

• La educación superior (es) en tiempos de pandemia: percepción de la comunicación integrada de marketing (cim) desde el punto de vista del alumnado. Janire Gordon Isasi Isasi- Lorena Ronda González

• Competitiveness of spain in the international ranking: advantages, disadvantages and future lines of action to overcome the current crisis. Aurora Jordá Rodríguez- Beatriz García Ortega- Fernando Castelló Sirvent

Chair Dr. Enrique Planells

• Bibliometric analysis on critical thinking, an increasingly critical competence for higher education students. Javier Pagán Castaño- María Guijarro García- María Arnal Pastor- Esther Pagán Castaño

• Intrapreneurial universities in the post-covid 19 era: the influence of MOOCS. Maria Orero Blat- María Rodríguez García- Raquel Andrade Andrés

• Impacto del covid en el desarrollo de las competencias digitales de los profesores universitarios. Margarita Núñez Canal- María de las Mercedes de Obesso Arias- Carlos Alberto Pérez Rivero

• Brand strategies of spanish companies: how do future engineers perceive them? Beatriz García Ortega- Aurora Jordá Rodríguez- Fernando Castelló Sirvent

• A qualitative research on higher education students’ knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards sdg 5, gender equality. Ana Lucía Ortega Larrea- Paula Suárez – Joana Longo – Diana KIngsley-Thomas

• Competitiveness of spain in the international ranking: advantages, disadvantages and future lines of action to overcome the current crisis. Aurora Jordá Rodríguez- Beatriz García Ortega- Fernando Castelló Sirvent

• Bears and bulls in the classroom: a gamification experiment on a simulation of the stock market. Jose Gallego Nicholls

Chair María Orero-Blat

• El job crafting como metodología de aprendizaje cooperativo para asignaturas de empresa. Diego Monferrer – Miguel Angel Moliner – Marta Estrada – Beatriz Irún

• Emprendimiento y plataformas de Formación Profesional en línea. Estudio del caso apremplea. Luis Sebastián Castañares- Sara Cabo Giner- Arturo Ortigosa Blanch

• How do universities address gender equality and inclusion in their strategic plans? Francisco Díez Martín- Giorgia Miotto -Alicia Blanco González

• Humanism in language teaching. How to fight poverty. Cristina Bermúdez – Ángel López Gutiérrez

• Raising Awareness of Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action, in Business English in Higher Education. Paula Suárez Álvarez-Hevia- Diana Kingsley

• Teaching Practices in a Post Pandemic Space. Case Study of ESIC Business & Marketing School Barcelona. Ruben Nicolas-Sans, Javier Bustos Díaz, Jesús Álvarez Valdés

09:00 – 09:30 H.



09:30 – 11:00 H.

Table: Smart Organisations

• Opening Talk: Fernando Botella

Founding Partner and CEO at Think&Action

• Moderator: Carlos González (Video)

Professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School

• 1. Ramón Flecha

Full Professor of Sociology, University of Barcelona

• 2. Jorge Largo

Teacher and Director at BVM. Irlandesas, Madrid

• 3. Luis Jerónimo

Principal of Colegio Estudio, Madrid

• 4. Mayte Ramos

General Manager of the Sorolla Group Valencia

• 5. Paola de la Cruz

Principal of Dinoschool

• 6. Óscar Abellón

Director of Escolapios School, Soria

09:30 – 11:00 H.

Experiences and Case Studies

1. Colegio Miralmonte Cartagena, Laura Herrera Fernández: Implementation of the “Aulas O2” Educational Project

2. Colegio Miralmonte Cartagena, Iván Suárez y Daniel Cayuela: Video analysis as an educational tool.

3. Colegio San Patricio El Soto, Cristina Adrio Sevilla: Students with High Capabilities. How to prepare an individual work plan?

4. Colegio Virgen del Pasico, Juan Carlos Flores Montesinos: Much more than Debate and Oratory..

5. Colegio Internacional de Levante, Carlos García: Code to Learn, programming as a learning tool.

6. Colegio Paidos: VleaRning, we learn to apply augmented and virtual reality in our technology class.

7. Colegio ENGEBA, Rebeca Naves Gandía: Erasmus+ Project “We R the world”

8. Esperanza Meseguer Navarro: The secrets hidden in your heart

9.Colegio Padre Dehón Novelda, Laura Gil: “Free Style Dance”

10. La Devesa School Carlet, José Luis Terol Esteve: Pandemic, globalisation and education.

11. La Devesa School Carlet, Francisco Javier Cubas: Digital Tools.


09:30 – 11:00 H.

Academic Presentations

Chair Dr. José Miguel Berné

• Impact of cultural factors on entrepreneurship: looking into the causes of level of opportunities perceived by potential entrepreneurs. José Ramón Gutierrez Martín

• Quo vadis universitas? A stakeholder based analysis of the future of higher education from an entrepreneurial perspective. Enrique Planells Artigot- Arturo Ortigosa Blanch- José Miguel Berné Martínez

• Adult social inclusion in a digital environment (ASIDE). Renata Ochoa-Daderska – Luis Ochoa-Siguencia – Emil Velinov – Yeliz Nur AkarçaY- Javier Sánchez García

• Students’ perception of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the benefits for companies derived from their implementation. Pedro Seva Larrosa- Bartolomé Marco Lajara- Mercedes Úbeda García- Francisco García Lillo- Laura Rienda García- Patrocinio Zaragoza Sáez- Rosario Andreu Guerrero- Encarnación Manresa Marhuenda- Lorena Ruiz Fernández- Eduardo Sánchez García- Esther Poveda Pareja- Javier Martínez Falcó

Chair Klaus Ulrich

• Movies, ethics and accounting: a teaching experience. Paloma Merello – Luis Porcuna-Enguix – Rubén Porcuna-Enguix – Ana Zorio-Grima – Antonio Barberà

• Entrepreneurial education and opportunity entrepreneurship: the mediation of self-efficacy belief. Josefina Novejarque Civera- José Fernando López Muñoz- Mabel Pisá Bó- Ignacio Mira Solves

• Real Options Appraisal for a Reactive CSR Strategy. Maruchy de Obesso

• Applying the sinclair & coulthard discourse analysis model to assess and encourage reflection on communicative interaction in the language classroom. Matthew Schlosser – Rhona Lohan

Chair Myriam Martí

• Bibliometric analysis of the customer experience Javier Gallardo-Garcia, Esther Pagan-Castaño, María Guijarro-García, Javier Sánchez-Garcia

• Comparative analysis of the use of different technologies in higher education: what our students think?. Maja Barac – Mª Isabel López Rodríguez

• Enhancing entrepreneurial skills through co-opetitive learning experience: a case study in a Spanish university. Anett Erdmann- Fernando García Monleón- Margarita Nuñez Canal

• Comparing media and academic discourse on disruptive innovation. Daniela Buzova – Silvia Sanz – Cristina Santos Rojo

09:30 – 11:00 H.

Young Researchers Seminar

• Marta Ferrer Serrano

University of Zaragoza

• María Orero Blat

Polytechnic University of Valencia

• María Rodríguez García

University of Valencia


09:30 – 11:00 H.

Final Pitches Contest

• Moderator: Arturo Ortigosa, PhD

Head of Entrepreneurship ESIC Business & Marketing School

11:00 – 11:20 H.


11:20 – 11:30 H.

SUBIT (See video)


11:30 – 13:00 H.

Round Table Discussion for Teachers: Chameleon Teachers (See video)

• Opening Talk: Chema Lázaro

CEO at NIUCO & Professor in the Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology and Education at UNIR – La Universidad en Internet

• Moderator: Irene Alegría

Teacher and pedagogue, founder of Alegría Educativa

• 1. Roberto Busquiel

Founding member and coordinator of the MIAC project

• 2. José Antonio Lucero (Video)

Teacher, Author and YouTuber

• 3. Elisa Beltrán García

Primary and special education teacher, Colegio Santa María del Naranco, Oviedo

• 4. Fernando Boillos

Trainer and Educational Consultant. Primary and secondary school teacher in Carmelitas Misioneras

• 5. Xavier Giner

Lecturer in Design and Product at EASD València

11:30 – 13:00 H.

Experiences and Case Studies

1. Centro PAX, Sandra Larrea Lluesma: Do we know how to prepare competent people who will generate the changes that society needs?

2. INCIBE, Manuel Ransán: INCIBE and the promotion of children’s online safety

3. Colegio Internacional Lope de Vega Benidorm, Javier Lorenzo Espinosa y Beatriz Mesa Pereira: The Atom in Your Hands

4. Agustinos Valencia, Javier Martínez Tarín: School radio as a pedagogical tool

5. Julio Verne School, Toni Zarzoso y José Javier Badía: The Steam Lab Project, connecting with the 21st century classroom.

6. Julio Verne School, Laura García Català y Erika Catherine Schwartz: Global Goals Project


11:30 – 13:00 H.

Academic Presentations

Chair Klaus Ulrich

• The international mobility of taiwanese students in southeast asia: the case of a university in taiwan. Yi-Ju Wang

• The practices of Knowledge Management in business gamification. Talita da Silva Ferreira

• Impulse Eating-Buying. A Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis.” Ana Belén Perdigones Martinez

• Determining the strategic nature of csr initiatives: proposal for a multidimensional strategic csr scale. Gerardo Mochales

Chair Myriam Martí

• La autorregulación de la dimensión afectiva, social y cognitiva en las clases de ciencias, un modelo de educación progresista comunitario al utilizar Cuestiones Sociocientíficas. Roque Jiménez Pérez- Bartolomé Vázquez Bernal- María Ángeles De las Heras Pérez- Jesús Elías Gómez Pérez

• Intención de abandono universitaria: análisis durante la covid-19. Isabel Olmedo Cifuentes- Inocencia Mª Martínez León

• Un análisis de la evaluación online en una universidad pública en tiempos de covid-19 mediante el uso de dos plataformas: moodle y teams. José Ángel Zúñiga Vicente – Ana Belén Alonso Conde

• Digital transformation of universities: the influence of covid-19 and student’s perception. Anett Erdmann

13:30 – 13:40 H.

“Don’t miss it” SUBIT (Ver vídeo)

13:40 – 13:50 H.

Pitches Contest Awards Ceremony

Most Sustainable Startup Awards Ceremony

13:50 – 14:10 H.

Closing Ceremony

• María Guijarro

Director of Research Valencia Campus ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Segundo Huarte

Director of Corporate Reputation ESIC Business & Marketing School

• Agustín Carrilero

Director Campus Valencia ESIC Business & Marketing School