IMAT 2024

Preconference on 26 June
Conference on 27 and 28 June
Event On-site
Organized by ESIC University and ESIC Business and Marketing School
Address: Avda Juan XXIII, 12. Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

We find ourselves in a convulsive, highly changing and constantly evolving environment, which forces us to consider alternatives, imagine new environments and provide solutions to the challenges that arise, which requires open, creative minds with a great capacity for adaptation. In order to achieve a comprehensive education for people’s personal, academic and professional development, it is essential for the educational community to participate and cooperate together in the process of adaptation and change required to respond to this changing environment. And it must face the uncertain future by influencing the culture of effort from a collective conscience.

  • •   Academics and researchers in innovation, strategy and marketing.
  • •   University directors and professors.
  • •   Executives and business professionals.
  • •   School principals, trainers and teachers.
  • •   Public sector managers and representatives.

This year we are back with more enthusiasm than ever and with a new approach.





Xavier Marcet

Presidente Lead to Change

Javier Gallardo García

Vicepresidente de la Asociación Española de Calidad (AEC)

Joaquín Ruiz Abellán

Director Colegio Grenwich

Mario Alonso Puig

Médico cirujano, conferenciante, y escritor

Julieta García

Counselor at the Joyfe Professional Center.

Ana Salas

Communication Manager at Joyfe School

Manuel Oliver

Speaker and Trainer

Vicente Hernández

Orion Project Coordinator

Nerea Luis Mingueza

PhD & AI Consultant

María José Peral

Artifitial Intelligence Consultant

Javier Ontivero

CX Vice President of the AEC

Sergio Vedasco

CEO Accesibilidad Ilunion

Antonio Monje

ING Diseño

Carlos Molina

VP Sales & Digital en IZO

Jesús Ángel Pindado

Radio School Teacher

Jose Picó

Humanist and Architect

Bases del Concurso de Investigación
dirigido al alumnado de grado y posgrado.